GLOW GLOVES are practical & fun!

Need a helping hand?
Glow Gloves are white by day and glow green by night.

The glowing ingredient is sealed into the fibres of each glow glove giving a strong glow that won't wear out or rub off.

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The Glow Company

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Glow Gloves glow strongly after a charge with natural or artificial light or when they are under UV light (black light).
Glow Gloves are available in a single size which will stretch to fit even very large hands. They are warm, bright, super stretchy and machine washable.

Glow Glove under UV light

White In Daylight - Glowing at Night

Glow in the dark Gloves were originally invented for people with impaired hearing, to facilitate signing in the dark, but they are perfect for a variety of other applications too.

Glow Gloves are perfect for...

  • High-Visibility Sports & Jogging
  • Emergency Marshals
  • Theatre Ushers
  • Child Safety
  • Glow Parties

The Glow Company

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