How Glow Gloves Glow

The Glow Company

gloves in action

Glow Gloves, like all glow in the dark products, contain chemicals called phosphors.
A phosphor is a substance that radiates visible light after being energised in some way.

Glow Gloves contain a special phosphor that is energised by UV light. Which is emitted from most light sources, like light-bulbs or the sun.

The phosphors in Glow Gloves react to the energy from UV light sources making them give off a gentle green glow. This process continues for several hours after the lights go out.

gloves in action

Special UV lights or 'black lights' give off a constant supply of UV light, which is not visible to the human eye. Black light constantly energises the phosphors in Glow Gloves causing them to glow constantly and very brightly.

The phosphors in Glow Gloves are sealed into the fibres of the glove, so they won't wear out or rub off. This makes Glow Gloves very safe and very durable.

nova glow Glow Gloves in action