Frequently Asked Questions

The Glow Company

Here are answers to the most common queries about our Glow Gloves. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please contact us with any query.

“How long do Glow Gloves glow?”
Glow Gloves will glow for several hours after a charge from natural or artificial light.
When under UV light (blacklight) Glow Gloves will glow constantly.
For more information, you can read how Glow Gloves glow.
“Are Glow Gloves machine washable?”
cleaning care: machine wash 40 degrees, do not bleach, do not iron, do not tumble dry, do not dry-clean

cleaning care symbols

Yes of course! Glow Gloves are machine washable at temperatures up to 40°C, you can just throw them in with your regular cotton wash, but be warned; mixing dark or strongly coloured laundry with white items like Glow Gloves may produce some undesirable results.
Please also note that Glow Gloves should not be bleached, ironed, tumble-dried or dry-cleaned.
“What size are Glow Gloves?”
Glow Gloves are available in a single super-stretchy 'one size fits all' size
suitable for everyone over the age of 8 years.
“Can I buy Glow Gloves outside of the UK?”
Sorry, not yet. We are currently seeking distributors in the EU,
for more information read our EU shops page.
“Can I distribute Glow Gloves in other European countries”
Yes. We are currently seeking distributors throughout the EU, you'll want to contact us in order to get access to our trade customers area.